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Simple / Elegant User Info Template for IPS4

Simple / Elegant User Info Template for IPS4 - Subtle but interesting and unique! THIS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT ANY COLOR SCHEME JUST BY EDITING THE CSS! Thi ...

wto, 17 styczeń 2017

Basic / Elegant User Info Template for IPS4

Basic But Elegant User Info Template for IPS4 - Subtle but interesting and unique! This is a refined version of a custom user info panel i have been using a while that i created for my community. Deskto ...

wto, 17 styczeń 2017

Leaf by ThemeTree


pon, 16 styczeń 2017

Recycle Bin for Forum

The plugin allows you to choose the forum for deleted topics. Instead of deleting the topic will be moved to this forum. Instruction 1. Create a new forum for deleted topics. You can make it unavailable for public access ...

nie, 15 styczeń 2017

(BIM41) Article Thumbnail

@KentT paid me to create this ...

sob, 14 styczeń 2017

Gamers Heros

Gamers Heros ...

pią, 13 styczeń 2017

Luscious Green 4.1.17.x

A  Green and dark background theme for IPB 4.1.17.x with animated fontawesome forum icons Includes: PSD Files for logo Dark CKEditor Theme Readme.txt file  (includes installation instr ...

czw, 12 styczeń 2017

Bind Attachments to Post Author

The plugin changes the owners of the attachments. The author of the post becomes the owner attached to the post attachments. This can be useful if your moderators often change other people's attachments. The plugin has no setti ...

pon, 09 styczeń 2017

Limited Email Content

This plugin allows you to limit the quoted content in your email notifications. This way your members have to visit your community to read the full content => MORE visitors => MORE views => MORE $$$$ ...

nie, 08 styczeń 2017

Custom Path for Attachments

This plugin allows you to set a more convenient path to save attachments instead of the standard monthly_xxx_xx. The plugin only works for new attachments. ...

nie, 08 styczeń 2017
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