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Moderate Updated Content

This plugin hides/unapproves content after a member edits it. Set what kind of content will require moderation again and which forums they are in. As well as which groups can bypass moderation. ...

pon, 24 kwiecień 2017

Share Link In Community

The plugin is very useful for sharing social network links on the home page Beautiful Style! Share links ...

pią, 21 kwiecień 2017

Members Teams

Setup teams that your members can become fans of and display that in the members team widget. ...

czw, 20 kwiecień 2017

Topic Icons

Add topic icons to newly created topics. Set which forums and member groups can use them. And which forums require a topic icon. ...

śro, 19 kwiecień 2017

Hide content with conditions

When you purchase a plugin, you agree to our license agreement, this is to prevent illegal use of the plugin. The plugin can be used only on one U ...

wto, 18 kwiecień 2017

Big Russian langpack for apps

A full translation of some popular applications for IPS ...

wto, 18 kwiecień 2017

Remove Group Name

This is a simple plugin that removes all references to the members group names on the public side of the suite. There's a for setting groups that should always be visible, and one for selecting groups that can see all group names. ...

nie, 16 kwiecień 2017

Minimized Quote

This is a simple plugin that alters the amount of text/image shown in quote boxes. The changes are purely visual, no permanent change will be done to the stored post. It is also backward compatible with older posts. And everything will be restored if ...

sob, 15 kwiecień 2017

Invision Byte Wishes You a Happy Easter!

As a bonus you can use the coupon EASTER2017 from today until the 30th April 2017 ...

sob, 15 kwiecień 2017

Online List Permission

Lets you set permissions on which user groups can access the Online Users page of the forums. ...

sob, 15 kwiecień 2017
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