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Lis Koduje - Copyright Removal

Copyright Removal works on below themes. Edoba Vulpes 2.0+ ...

śro, 12 grudzień 2018

Edoba Dark Theme

Edoba ...

pon, 10 grudzień 2018

Enhanced Forum Views

The is a bundle of small layout tweaks I use on my own community sites to change the look of the forums app. I turned them into a plugin so I any anyone else can use them easily without any manual changes to the theme code.  The main fea ...

pon, 10 grudzień 2018

Redirect on Login

As requested. Usually you can accomplish what you need by setting whatever IPS application you like as the default under ...

pon, 10 grudzień 2018

Most Liked Topics For of the Day/Week/Month/Year

This widget will display the most liked topics of the day/week/month/year or whatever time frame in days that you like. By default it will display the most liked topics of the month. Per ...

pon, 10 grudzień 2018

Members' Warnings API

Members’ Warnings API gives you ability to retrieve information about members’ warnings using IPS RE ...

pon, 10 grudzień 2018

Swedish language (Svensk översättning)

Hej, här bjuder jag på en Svensk översättning. Framsidan är klar. Kan finnas några ord som jag har missat men annars ska det vara klart. Har även börjat översätta Admin delen. Lagt ner många timmar på detta. Ibland kan något bli fel öv ...

czw, 06 grudzień 2018

Set Fake Member(s) Online

This plugin will give the aility to the forum admin(s) to add fake members in the online list to make the forum appear busy. ...

wto, 04 grudzień 2018

Mark Topics Solved/Unsolved

This plugin will add the new functionality to topics of marking them as solved/unsolved. This can be handy if you has a support ...

pon, 03 grudzień 2018

🔮 Borx Gaming Theme

Theme BORX based on modern trends of design and focused on community games theme. A large number of settings are available for full customization of the style. Selected fonts and colors are perfect for gaming forums, beautifully displaying al ...

nie, 02 grudzień 2018
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