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nie, 26 luty 2017

(BIM41) Hide Link And Code

This plugin will hide links, code, images in forum posts automatically. Members can LIKE or REPLY to see the hidden content. Features: - Select content to hide: images, ex ...

nie, 26 luty 2017

Novus // ipsfocus

Novus by ipsfocus ...

nie, 26 luty 2017

Number of topics

This plugin adds information about topics count in each forum (including topics in subforums) at forum index page. ...

sob, 25 luty 2017

Cover photo background (4.x)

Titles is readable on light and dark background image. Plugin without settings, but adds a readable background for: Blog Blogs list Calendar events Profiles Users Card ...

sob, 25 luty 2017

Server Console

Server Console Simple Application to observe multiply servers and bigger infrastructures. The application was basically written that I can keep track of all my servers, without having different pages for monitoring ...

sob, 25 luty 2017

Daily Post Goal

This plugin will add a widget block where you can display a post goal that you want to be achieved at your forum daily. You can set the goal, and display a custom message for the goal status for both aspects, when it has not been reached and ...

śro, 22 luty 2017

Remove Newest Member Info

Tested in default theme. In the custom theme plugin may not work. ...

wto, 21 luty 2017

Disable Advertisement Impressions

This plugin will disable the updating of advertisement impressions within the Invision Power Suite. Most third-party advertisement integrations already handles impressions counting. This plugin will remove one database query from each p ...

wto, 21 luty 2017

Monthly Hottest Topics

This plugin will add a widget block that displays the hottest topics for each month. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go ...

wto, 21 luty 2017
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