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Dutch Translation DLC for downloads (IPS 4.x)

Nederlandse (NL) vertaling voor IPS ...

śro, 24 maj 2017

Hide Empty Reviews

This is a simple plugin which does just what the title says: it hides "empty" reviews. When upgrading your community from 3.4.x, you are able to convert "ratings" to "reviews" in the new system. However, these converted ratings all end up ...

śro, 24 maj 2017

2 Letters in Profile Letters

This plugin will display 2 letters in the profile letter, if the user has 2 names, Adriano Faria. Examples: ...

śro, 24 maj 2017

Hide Dismiss Button

This plugin will hide the Dismiss button in the profile completition message.   ...

pon, 22 maj 2017

Offer : 35% Off With Canada VPS Hosting On Annual Billing Cycle -!

*35% OFF for Next 24 Hours. Order any Canada VPS Hosting plan and Get 35% OFF. Valid for next 24 Hours Only. Hurry UP and get the Big Discount... ...

pon, 22 maj 2017

Chat Plugin by Chatwee

Chatwee is an advanced chat plugin for real time communication among members of online communities. It offers private, group, and public chats, including file uploads, clickable lin ...

czw, 18 maj 2017


Sendfile Sendfile is an IPS plugin that implements server X- ...

czw, 18 maj 2017

Russain language for IPS 4.2

Russian language pack for IPS Commun ...

czw, 18 maj 2017

[SMF News] SMF 2.0.14 Released

Dear Members,Simple Machines Forum has released a new patch to the 2.0.x line, bringing our latest release versio ...

wto, 16 maj 2017

Auto-Assign Commerce Support Requests

This utility was written for my own use however I have decided to release it for anyone else to use as they wish. The two main features this plugin provides are: Ability to auto-assign new ...

nie, 14 maj 2017
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