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pią, 19 kwiecień 2019

Mark Topic

  Mark Topic Mark Topic is a plugin that will let you and your members mark topics with a badge. This is useful for e.g. ...

śro, 17 kwiecień 2019

Discord Chat Client

A fully functional Discord chat widget for your ...

wto, 16 kwiecień 2019

Slash through Banned Usernames

Este plugin irá modificar a saída para que os usuários banidos aparecem o fórum com seu nome, um corte assim. ...

wto, 16 kwiecień 2019

Other links in account settings

This simple plugin will allow you to add extra urls in the account settings page for users... ...

nie, 14 kwiecień 2019

Photo Competition

  Photo Competition is the number one application for increasing engagement on your community and is suitable for almost all community types. Hold a monthly photo contest with voting, sharing to social media and rankings. ...

sob, 13 kwiecień 2019

Our Pick Enhancements

Our Pick Enhancements This is a small plugin to enhance some features of the core Our Picks page. I have always felt that the default Our Pick's Page was a little disorganised and all over the place.  This little plugin will c ...

pią, 12 kwiecień 2019

Files Tab on User Profile

This resource will restore the FILES tab on user profile. Requirement: Downloads app Settings: Display TAB if the member has no file submitted ...

śro, 10 kwiecień 2019


Multi Purpose IPS Theme that ...

śro, 10 kwiecień 2019

Free-kassa Payment Gateway

Free-kassa Payment Gateway ...

wto, 09 kwiecień 2019
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