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LMS Plus

Limited Introduction Sale while development continues. Buy now and ...

czw, 16 sierpień 2018

(DP43) PM Viewer

This application will allow administrators to read conversations on Admin CP. If admins has a special permission, they will also be able to VIEW hidden conversations, EDIT, HIDE/UNHIDE conversations (from appearing on PM Viewer application) and INVI ...

pon, 13 sierpień 2018

ThreadStarter: Steam

This plugin allows users to easily create topics about steam games and fill them with content automatically. Featu ...

pon, 13 sierpień 2018


Limited Introduction Sale while development continues. Buy now and ...

pon, 13 sierpień 2018

(DP43) Full Report Title

With this plugin you will be able to display full navigation items where the reported content is located. It's very helpfull on larger boards with many moderators assigned to different categories etc. ...

nie, 12 sierpień 2018

(DP43) Posts Members I Follow

With this widget you may display all posts added by the following members only. NOTE: you may also use it in the other place - skin or Pages blocks/templates also by using special template bit. More info you would find in the readme txt f ...

nie, 12 sierpień 2018


Limited Introduction Sale while development continues. Buy now and ...

nie, 12 sierpień 2018

Public Saved Actions

This plugin will give the ability to topic authors to run specific topic Saved Actions allowed by the administrator.  Public Saved Actions will appear only to the topic author and if the author doesn't has mod permission to run reg ...

czw, 09 sierpień 2018

Unlimited Global Messages

This application will add a global message to your forum. Global messages can be added from the Admin Panel and/or through the front end via the global Create button. They can also be managed from both places. Messages: ...

śro, 08 sierpień 2018

User Posts in Topic

This plugin will add the ability to display all posts made by a specific user in a topic. All the moderation and topic features are still available (except reply to the topic) for those who can use them. ...

wto, 07 sierpień 2018
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