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CyberApex Theme Light

CYBER APEX 1.4 Light DEMO: ( user: demo / pass: demo ) - ...

śro, 20 marzec 2019

Content Items Required to Start Private Messages

This plugin will set a number of content items that users must have to start a private message. User will still be able to reply to existing/new private messages. Settings: Display number of items require ...

śro, 20 marzec 2019

( 4.4 ) CyberApex Theme Dark

CYBER APEX 1.4 Dark DEMO: ( user: demo / pass: demo ) - ...

wto, 19 marzec 2019

(NB44) Translate. Filter By App/Plugin

This plugin will allow filter language strings by app or plugin ...

wto, 19 marzec 2019

©️ Veilon copyright & branding removal

Plugin that permanently removes copyright for any themes from Veilon and retains ...

wto, 19 marzec 2019

(GS) Member Greetings

With this app members can add greetings which are shown in the widget, which can be added on any subpage. ...

pon, 18 marzec 2019

Post requirement for links

Adds URL filtering support based on a members post count. ...

pon, 18 marzec 2019

Chat Application

Chat Application allows you to create unlimited chatrooms for your members or staff to communicate in, the chatrooms use the IPS editor allowing your m ...

pon, 18 marzec 2019

(MIX) Share Link

The app adds the ability to share content on (Мой мир) ...

pon, 18 marzec 2019

How2Kill Gaming Theme for IPS 4.3/4.4

Gaming theme by szablonet, it works great with IPS 4.3.6 TESTED, and 4.0/4.1 as well. It wont work on 4.2 or 4.1 ...

nie, 17 marzec 2019
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