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Login Redirect / Pop-up Message

Login Redirect / Pop-up Message by ...

wto, 16 październik 2018

[XF - Have You Seen..?] Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support an

We did say we'd see you again fairly soon and so here we are, hot on the heels of our ...

nie, 14 październik 2018

Sign Up Link On Error Message

This plugin will add a Sign Up link for guests in the Error messages across the board. ...

pią, 12 październik 2018

Disable Billing Address for Subscriptions

This plugin will prevent Commerce asking the user for their real name and address information when purchasing a subscription. Please note that if you use PayPal as a payment gateway with Billing Agreements set to Required ...

pią, 12 październik 2018

[XF - Have You Seen..?] Push notifications

Welcome to the first of our "Have you seen...?" series for XenForo 2.1. We've got a lot to show you over the course of the... ...

wto, 09 październik 2018

[EPI] Hide Follow Button For Guests

This removes the follow button for guests in most places. It should stay the same for members.Useful if you don't want visitors to see who follows what an adds some more privacy for your users, since I don ...

wto, 09 październik 2018

ThreadStarter: Comics

This plugin allows users to easily create topics about movies and actors and fill them with content automatically. ...

pon, 08 październik 2018

Video Directory

This application will add a Video Directory to your forum where members can add embeded videos.  Categ ...

pon, 08 październik 2018

(SD) Course Box

This application adds in your community place which allows your members creating and selling their online courses. Members can create free online courses, courses with flat price and package price courses. Packages in course allow members giving dif ...

czw, 04 październik 2018

MAXX Dark [October Sale - $5]

MAXX Dark for IPS 4.3 ...

pon, 01 październik 2018
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