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Night by ThemeTree

Night -is a dark modern theme that will standout beautifully on your monitor. *NEW* Framework You don’t just get a simple theme, you’ll get settings that wi ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018

Adult Content Video Embedding

This is a bundle of plugins to automatically embed videos from adult content websites. It works just like the stock options for YouTube, Vimeo and so on. The user will past the URL of the video and it will automatically be turned into a video player ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018

(NE) oembedServices management

Plugin which allows you to apply extra control over the oembed functionality provided by the IPS core allows group level control over ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018

Unpurchasable File Message

This plugin will show, to the file submitter, the default IPS 4.3 message when their file isn't available to be purchased. Currently, i ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018

UltiMaze Dark theme

A very clean beautiful template for the latest IPS 4.3.x ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018


  Top Bar Forums ...

pon, 23 kwiecień 2018

Message Pro Widget

Create a good, high quality and professional message Using ...

pią, 20 kwiecień 2018

Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package

Turn Spirit into Pre-Made Blocks System Are you tired of messing with code inside your block editor for Spirit? There's a solution to this. It's called "Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package". This pac ...

wto, 17 kwiecień 2018

25 Theme By ipbhero


pon, 16 kwiecień 2018

(MIX) Advanced Forum Geolocation

The plugin allows you to display advanced geolocation of members in forum topics (not in comments). In addition to the standard built-in IPS geolocation ...

czw, 12 kwiecień 2018
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