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(DP43) Groups View Limits (15-10$) Black Time!

It's an extension of this mod: (DP42) Guest View Limits. It's for limiting (or not) every group on the board (except guests). Every g ...

śro, 14 listopad 2018

(NB43) Filter By Tags

This plugin will add a box with tags above items (forums topics, downloads files, pages articles etc*) table ...

śro, 14 listopad 2018


Remembrance is a simple, poppy themed design. Created for Remembrance Sunday, it features a mindful header image with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background. This is a very light and basic t ...

śro, 14 listopad 2018

ThreadStarter: Books

This plugin allows users to easily create topics about books and fill them with content automatically. ...

śro, 14 listopad 2018

(NE) Display Name Validator

(NE) Display Name Validator enhances the validation check performed on display names when a new account is being registered, and when an existing user is changing their display name. The default ...

pon, 12 listopad 2018

[Black Friday Sale]Proxy Blocker

FROM $10 to $7.5 [SAVE $2.5] -  ...

nie, 11 listopad 2018

BLACK FRIDAY | 20% OFF | Profile Tabs Organizer


pią, 09 listopad 2018

Club Activity

This is simple plugin removes the club activity from the sidebar and moves below the club diectory. ...

czw, 08 listopad 2018

Profile Tabs Organizer

This plugin will allow admins to choose which tabs to display in users profile and set their ordering. Notes: You must choose which tabs to display in the plugin settings right after install it, otherwise ...

czw, 08 listopad 2018

Website Footer

Website Footer v1.01 This is a plugin which I created quickly to add an footer with a bunch of links and some social media links to my forum and I thought I would share it with the ...

pon, 05 listopad 2018
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