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Disable remote URL actions

This plugin gives the ability to Disable uploading of avatars from remote URL Disable inserting images into posts from remote URL This is particularly useful if you want to keep your server IP anonymo ...

wto, 31 maj 2016

Disable avatar from URL

There is no default option in IPS 4 to stop users from uploading avatars from a remote URL. This presents a problem for those people who are trying to ...

wto, 31 maj 2016

Color Picker by IPS Themes


pon, 30 maj 2016

Similar Content on Post Screen

This plugin will show similar content titles on post screen, after user types and leave the text field. It uses defaults from IPS4 core search, like sort by relevance or date, number of characters per word, permission for the items, etc. ...

nie, 29 maj 2016

OAuth Server

This adds an OAuth2 server to your IPS ...

nie, 29 maj 2016

Generic Moderator for Warnings

This plugin will preserve the identity of your moderators by using a generic user as the author of warnings. Notes: Only moderators with permission Can issue warnings? can view the real m ...

pią, 27 maj 2016

IPBWI for WordPress v4 - IPB/WP Single Sign On Bridge

With IPBWI for WordPress v4, you will get flawless Single Sign On. How does SSO work? IP.Board brings a SSO API ...

pią, 27 maj 2016

(VN41) Matter - Google Material for IPS

Matter a material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open ...

czw, 26 maj 2016

Template System

Custom Fields anywhere and everywhere. This application is an update to the v3 versions of the Topic Template System and th ...

śro, 25 maj 2016

TS3 Integration

Please not that this is not finished feature-wise, it's just very basic functionality right now! This will fully integrate your TeamSpeak3 Server with your site, perfect for gamer sites! I know that quite a few ...

wto, 24 maj 2016
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