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Michael's Blog - (IM) Tutorials 1.0.0 Beta 1

After many months of development, the much anticipated IP.Board application (IM) tutorials has finally reached the first Beta stage! I have installed this version here on this s ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Michael's Blog - Best day of exercise yet

Yesterday I managed to do 3 miles for the first time. Only a quarter mile of it was jogging, though, the rest was at my normal brisk walk pace. I had done a mile walk on Monday and had to stop because my ankles were really sore, and I was feeling the sa ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Michael's Blog - Jogged a little bit last night

So last night I continued trying to walk a bit after work, and just to change things up a bit I tried to mix some jogging into the routine as well. Man, am I out of shape! I was only able to jog for a quarter of a mile at a time before I'd need to stop ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Michael's Blog - Starting to walk after work each night

Last week I started a new routine that I'm going to try and stick with in order to lose some weight: taking a walk after work. I plan on keeping track of my progress in this new blog category. I am pretty fortunate in that the place where I ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Michael's Blog - Public beta upgraded, v0.9.5

Hey folks! Just wanted to post a blog entry real quick letting you know I have just updated the version of the tutorials app on this site once again, we are now at version 0.9.5. You will be pleased to know that th ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

texterted's Blog - Watercooled my CPU

Despite our crappy summer, here in the UK, my C2Q Intel cpu was in the mid 60'sc with my Zalman air cooler. I decided to plunge into the world of newbie H2O cooling by fitting a Corsair H50 cooler ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009
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