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'Make Tutorial' button is missing text

Looks like the language pack isn't being loaded. ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Issues upgrading from (FSY23) Tutorials older than 2.1

When I wrote the upgrade script, I only accounted for folks coming from (FSY23) tutorials version 2.1. I need to account for even older versions. ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Can not edit a sub-category

No option to edit a sub category once it is created. ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Error on update to RC1 from Beta 1

I don't know if this really matters, since Beta 1 wasn't relesead for the public... anyway, that's the error: ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Error when access forum

Just uploaded the new tutorials folder to applications_addon/other and gone back to forum. Got this error: QuoteFatal error: Uncaught ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009


When I click on CATEGORIES link: QuoteFatal error: Call to undefined method ipsRegistry::tutorialsLibrarygetCatInfo() in /home/sosinvis/public_html/forum/admin/applications_ad ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009
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