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(DP30) Custom Meta Tags

Description: This hook allow to set keywords, description and other meta tags to main board page. In standard IP.Board does not add any tags there, so this mod help move up your site ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009


Treble is a theme for Invision Power Board 3 and available for free. With that in mind this README will pin point certain areas that may come up. Treble is an easy set theme to the eyes and can be something different for your board. ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009

IPB 3 Team Icons

Tired of those 2 little Team Icons you get standard with your Invision Power Board? Well here's your solution! This nifty set of Team Icons contains all of the necessary ones that you could possibly need! S ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009

(M30) Donate Sidebar 1.0.0

Title: Donate Sidebar Resource Type: Sidebar Hook Version: 1.0.0 (10001) - Compatibility: IP. ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009

(e$30) PM Author on Topic Moderation 1.0.1

Compatibility: This mod is compatible with IP.Board 3.0 Resource Type: Modification Version: 1.0.0 (00100) Description: Sends the topic author a PM informing them of a mod action that ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009

(SOS30) Members Viewing Forums v1.0.0

This MOD will show, on board index, how many users (guests and registered members) are viewing each forum. You can set if you want to include all subforums active members; if you want to show (0 Viewing) when no user is viewing the fo ...

śro, 05 sierpień 2009
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