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Driver Errors

Every now and then you might encounter an error like this on your forum: ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Restoring IP. Board default hooks

Have you accidentally deleted a default installed hook ? , it is easy to get these back. First step, if you do not have the IPB .zip file, download it from IPS. You will need to import one of ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Importing large databases into Wamp

You can use tools such as bigdump to import large databases as phpmyadmin will only accept relatively small databases to import, but I prefer this on a localhost install as you already have easy access already and its quick and easy to do. Do ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Simple Group Legend

Here is a simple skin edit to give a tidy group legend on the board index page. Navigate your way here > ACP > Look / Feel > Manage Skin Sets / Templates > (for each skin as required) > Manage Templates / CSS > Board Index & ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Restoring Blog Hooks

Accidentally deleted a default installed Blog hook ? , it is easy to get these back. First step, if you do not have the IP. Blog .zip file, download it from IPS. You will need to import one o ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Making albums public on creation

One minor annoyance with creating an album in Gallery is the checkbox to make the album public is not checked by default. This could cause your members to wonder why their album is not receiving visitors or comments. This is easy to fix. ACP ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Restoring Gallery Hooks

Note: At the moment, there is currently only one default supplied hook with IP. Gallery, however this tutorial will cover any other ones released in the future that are included as standard. Having said that, here is how to restore the Recent ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Adjusting the number of Recent Images

Some board owners may prefer to have less (or more) images displayed with the built in Recent Gallery Images hook. This is easy to achieve. Connect via FTP. Open /hooks/boardIndexGalleryImages_(some big number).php ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Topic count in Board Statistics

This will add a total topics count into your board statistics section at the bottom of the page, to go with the total posts stat already there. Go to the Look & Feel tab -> Manage Languages page of your Admin CP. Use the 'Import Language ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Remove admin logon redirect

This removes the screen that tells you you successfully logged in to the Admin CP, and instead puts you right into the Admin CP after entering your correct ID and password. Open admin/applications/core/modules_admin/login/manualResolver.php. ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

No Guests in 'Online At Once Record'

Search engine spiders have an annoying habit of coming to your site and sending out many spiders simultaneously, having each one of them count as a guest. When they do this, they often make your 'Online At Once' statistic jump to levels that are much hig ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009
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