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Basic Points

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Points application to issue new points to members for new topics, posts, signing up or manually via their profile page. Control the points given for various things and permissions from the admin cp. With Christmas around the corner, I'll be offering a discount on the normal price of this app for the next few days.

Basic Points Future
After some coaxing I've decided to release my points app for IPB4. There has been quite a few points applications over the last 10 years I've been modding and as many unsupported/abandoned ones as well. Given it's history, my aim is to provide more long term certainty and stability going forward. One that you won't have to worry if it will be upgraded for future versions or be abandoned.

I've decided to keep things simple to start and get further feedback as this application grows. I want to to add feature suggestions based on their merit and majority support. Even if something has already been suggested, please add your voice to it so I know which direction the users of this app want to take it.


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sob, 26 grudzień 2015