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Weather 2.0

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This plugin can detect user's location using his IP and show the weather in his city, or it can display the weather in the default location on your forum header.

You can customize the following options:

The weather and location information is cached in a browser Local Storage to reduce the number of external requests and provide fast and smooth experience. The weather is updated every 10 minutes.

This plugin supports translation of all text strings except of a weather description (e.g. Mostly Cloudy, Showers) and location names (e.g. United States, Miami), because Yahoo Weather API currently doesn't provide them in other languages.

Installation instructions

  1. Upload all files from uploads folder into your uploads folder on the server;
  2. Install plugin in the ACP.

This plugin uses Yahoo Weather API via SimpleWeather.JS, Weather Icons by Erik Flowers and image weather icons by umutavci.

pon, 04 styczeń 2016