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Copy Events

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This plugin will allow moderators with permission to MOVE CONTENT to also copy calendar events to the same or to another calendar.

Event Info tab:

  • Choose the destination calendar (it can be the same calendar)
  • Event title: popup appears with the current title, but you can type a new one
  • Event author: popup appears with the current author, but you can choose a new one

Event State tab:

  • Allows you to start the new event with the following states: locked, hidden and featured
  • This tab will only appears if the moderator has any of the permissions: lock content, hide content or feature content. If the moderator has only one of them, only this one will appear.

Extra Data tab

  • Option to copy attendees from the original event, if the event has the RSVP enabled
  • Option to copy the event location
  • Option to copy the event cover photo
  • Option to copy the event album
  • Option to increment event author content count.

sob, 06 luty 2016