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Allows your members to customize which forums appear in their forum index homepage when signed in. Set which forums you would like to require, flag new forums and manually add new forums to members forum selections.


  1. Each member can customize which forums appear on their homepage (index).
  2. Guest button that points to sign in page to encourage guests to sign up in order to customize their homepage.
  3. New forum flagging for forums that are added X days after creation. Shown both on the home page and selections page.
  4. Set which forums are required when customizing a homepage.
  5. Set which groups can not customize their homepage.
  6. Special prompt appears when a user visits a forum that is not in their homepage.
  7. Included link so members can peek at all homepage forums without saving.
  8. Member can disable homepage customization at any time and all forums will show as normal.
  9. Rebuild tool to manually add new forums to a members customized homepage.

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śro, 09 marzec 2016