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IPS Easter Special

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Easter Special - IPSuite 4.1.x Theme
Works with: IPS4 Community Suite v4.1.0+
IMPORTANT NOTE: As the upload limit is 2MB you need to contact me to give you all the files for the theme.
Anyhow the XML file is available and still works just fine.
Purchase Content:

  1. ReadMe - Information and install instructions file
  2. XML File - Theme installation file
  3. Theme Images - The images used in the theme (On request after purchase)
  4. Fonts - Fonts used for logo texts (On request after purchase)
  5. PSD's - The logo PSD file to change it to your needs (On request after purchase)

Live Demo: https://www.rostyles.com/forum/theme.php?id=58



Install Instructions:

1. Buy the style and extract the archive content onto your computer.
2. Follow the instruction from the archive or from Theme Install Instruction topic.
Brand Free option - With this you can remove the copyright line for 30 Euro
Pro Skin Install - With this pack we will install the skin for you for 20 Euro

sob, 12 marzec 2016