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Wiki Works with Ip.Content

wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML


This Modification Allow you to using Your IP.Content as a Wiki Software With Wiki Markup Functions.


1) Upload the contain of "upload" directory on your server.
2) Navigate to "BBCode management" and install "Ipc_wiki (BBCode).xml"
3) Navigate to "Block management" on IP.Content Setting section and install "Ipc_wiki (IPC Block).xml"
   Now Go to your "Display Template" and add the new {parse block="anchors_box"} in template. additionally you can use this    block severall time in several "Display Template", even templates from diffrent Databases.
4) Navigate to your "Hook Management" and install "Ipc_wiki (HOOK).xml"

How to Use:

Now You can use this type of syntax on your Full Editor Fields in IP.C (Articles or any custom DB you create)





This modification originally written by @sijad as a paid projects and i want to thanks him.

Modification still used by me for almost year as a Wiki-Farm system and it's working perfectly with no problem. So if you need support regarding modification problem send a PM to me.

This Modification only works With IP.Content 2.3.x (IPB 3.4) and there is no plan for upgrade, however, if someone interest to upgrade, i can transfer ownership.


pon, 14 marzec 2016