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IPBWI API v4 - extended edition

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IPBWI API v4 brings single sign on and further bridge functionality to allow you building your own web applications based on PHP with IP.Board 4.

Welcome to IPBWI API v4 extended edition!

Documentation and Help will be available on https://ipbwi.com shortly. Currently, we offer free email support for all purchasers!

Current Features:


Will there be new features added in near future?

yes! As development of IPBWI API v4 has been sponsored from a big newspaper from Germany, we are glad to give development of new features high priority for the next months.

Why should I pay so much for an API?

While Single Sign On and Core Features listed above will be available as free GPL licensed package later this year, buyers of extended edition will get the following benefits:

Why should I purchase now und shouldn't wait until "insert feature here" has been implemented?

Chances are much higher that your feedback results in faster development of features you wish. To make it more clear: Priority right now is on features suggested by customers only.

Is this API open source?

Yes, but not "for free" except the GPL version released later this year.

Do my website/app need to be on the same server as IP.board?

no, since IPBWI API v4, there is no local access to board files required anymore. We utilize the IPS connect and IPS Rest API services which allow to connect to IP.Board. While IPS Rest API doesn't offer all features and endpoints required, future versions will require to install an IPBWI API application within IP.Board to extend the IPS Rest API.

Software Requirements

This API will NOT work on PHP 5 or earlier.

pon, 21 marzec 2016