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Welcome to KroCan
"Stand out from the rest"

Welcome to KroCan - designed to make your site stand out from the rest. From the ground up, KroCan was built to be clean & flat without complicated imagery or gradients. Backed by a powerful slider, unique theme options and a slick Off-Canvas menu. Best of all, KroCan was designed so that even a simple background image can alter the whole look and feel of your site.

Powerful Slider

Built with a powerful slider with over 70+ animations to choose from, fully supports the CKEditor to give each side its own uniqueness, and allowing you to build each side how you wish. The slider itself is built from carousal, so you can show up to 5 items at once if you choose. Best of all, the slider is fully responsive and touch enabled, thus supported on every device.


Off-Canvas Menu

The most unique aspect about KroCan is its off-canvas menu. Your user control panel which contains your notifications, messages and more is tucked away in a slick menu that's not shown unless clicked. Better yet, this menu also contains the sidebar and all of its widgets. You're also able to use IPB's default widgets in the same functionality and change it how you like.


Theme Options

With many  theme options, you'll be able to control just about every aspect of the look and feel. From the animations on the slider and size controls of the slider, to enabling a sticky header to scroll with you in a slick fashion. Not only that, but you can control most of the important elements on the page using the IPS default settings, as well as ones that KroCan now supports.


Make it yours

KroCan wasn't designed to fit a certain niche or style. It was designed so that anyone can make it unique, that's what sets this theme a part from the rest. Change out the background to something that your site caters to, and you just altered the feel. Provided theme options and a unique slider are icing on the cake to make this theme, yours. Don't believe? Check out a few variations of the Alternate screenshots

nie, 24 kwiecień 2016