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Weather One

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This plugin displays the weather in a location specified by the administrator. It can display the weather in your forum header (both desktop and mobile) or in a widget. Click on the icon will show a forecast for 5 days.

You can customize the following options:

The current weather information is updated every 15 minutes, and the forecast information is updated every hour using the Weather Underground API.

This plugin fully supports translation.

Installation instructions

  1. Upload all files from uploads folder into your uploads folder on the server;
  2. Install plugin in the ACP.
  3. Go to and register as developer. After that open a "Key settings" page and copy your secret Key ID. Paste it into you plugin settings in the ACP.
  4. Go to again and find you location using "Search locations" field. The opened webpage would have an URL like So zmw:00000.1.71892 is the Location ID. Please paste it into you plugin settings in the ACP.
  5. Save and wait for some time to let the plugin grab the weather for you.

Information for the customers who already purchased my previous Weather plugin

Due to unclear situation with the Yahoo Weather API service I created this alternative plugin which uses another stable Weather Underground API. It looks pretty similar, but the internal mechanism is totally different to keep your API keys in secret. Anyway this plugin is free for customers who already bought my old plugin. Please, send me a PM and I will manually add you to the list of customers.

nie, 24 kwiecień 2016