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Bulk Downloader

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Main features

Wouldn't it be cool if you could give your members the ability to download all images in a gallery album or attachments in a post with just a single click? Now you can!

Bulk Downloader is a third party application that augments IPS' own File classes, offering the ability to download virtually any type of files uploaded in bulk. Out of the box, this includes post attachments, gallery album images and IP.Downloads file submissions.

How does it do this?
Essentially, it works the same way that cloud services such as Google Drive do when you request to download multiple files at once; these files are compacted into a single .zip archive before being sent to your web browser. This way, everything is sent over in a single file and your members won't have to go through and download everything one by one.

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Seamless Integration

Bulk Downloader seamlessly integrates into the Forums, Gallery and Downloads applications.
Post attachments, gallery albums, and Downloads submissions with multiple files are all supported!

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Minimal Overhead

Bulk Downloader works by generating zip archives dynamically on request. This means there is almost no additional disk or memory overhead involved, even when processing many large files!

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Developer Friendly API

Bulk Downloader offers a clean and straightforward API which other third party developers can take full advantage of in their own applications.


Who wants to buy an application without seeing it in action first? I'm sure you probably don't!

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Gallery Albums

Easily download all images in an album at once. Live Demo

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Downloads Submissions

Download all files in IP.Downloads submission in a single click.

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Post Attachments

Bulk downloading for posts with multiple attachments.

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AdminCP Settings

Permissions are fully configurable for all applications.

Getting started

BulkDownloader can be installed just as any other IPS application. From your AdminCP, navigate to the Applications page and upload the bulkdl.tar file included with your purchase.

Once this has been done, you can configure which groups have permission to use the bulk download feature from the Bulk Downloader settings page, which will now be located under the System tab.

Current Limitations

BulkDownloader does not currently fully support download restrictions in the IP.Downloads application. If you use these on your community, it's recommended you leave Bulk Downloading as a more exclusive/premium feature for unrestricted members.

While BulkDownloader will work with files regardless of where they are hosted (including S3 uploads), it is currently strongly recommended you only use this application with locally hosted files. This is because there are currently memory consumption issues with remotely hosted files, so bulk downloads that are large in size (>100M) can cause memory errors and fail to download.

Developer API

The BulkDownloader API is very simple to implement and use. Essentially, you just construct an instance of the BulkTransfer class with your desired filename as the constructor argument, add in the IPSFile objects you want to deliver, then finally call sendFiles() to actually.. well, send the files. That's literally all there is to it!

 * Download all files associated with my application
 * @param   IPSFile[]     $files
public function bulkDownload( $files )
	$bulkTransfer = new IPSbulkdlBulkTransfer( 'my-filename' );
	foreach ( $files as $file )
		$bulkTransfer->addFile( $file );


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