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Sinistra Designs

I am happy to announce my new IPS theme. (Sin) Anime Online. This theme is like no other. It's a nice blue theme that has a few cool features that you will not find on any other IPS Theme.

(Sin) Social Links

Add everything from your Facebook page or profile to your YouTube Channel. Select which ones you want to add. All major social media networks are added. I will add more if requested. 

(Sin) Tagline

This skin comes with what I like to call Tagline. This allows you to use the text logo and add a tagline to your site. you can enable disable and change the color of the tagline if you wish. 

(Sin) article Images (Built In)

That's right one of my most popular plugins is a part of this theme.  If you already have the sin articles images  plugin you can disable  the built-in version of this plugin. 

Responsive View

All the settings listed above are all disabled in the responsive mode for the smartphones works on the tablet view. I will be adding settings, later on, to enable and disable this for both phones and tablets. 

śro, 18 maj 2016