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PIXELEN settings that could transform your forum to an even more beautiful and stunning look


----Call us 

set Number

set Icon

set Color

set Font Size

----Forums Settings

set Enable Sub Forum Text

set sub forum Number

set Sub forum Icon

set Sub forum Icon Color

set Sub forum Link Color

set Sub forum Link Font Size

set Forum Read Icon

set Forum Unread Icon

set Forum Icon Background

set Forum Icon Border Radius

----Home Icon

set Background Color

set Icon Color

set Icon Size

----Logo Slogan

set font size

set Color

----Advanced Footer

set 3 Position Footers

----Social Media

set Facebook - Instagram  - googleplus  - Twitter - Pinterest  - Youtube

---- Enable NavBar Icon

set Link Color

set Active Link Color

set Border color

---- Quest Message

set Text Color

set Background Image


All In Pixelen Theme



sob, 04 czerwiec 2016