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Babble: Real Time Chat

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Babble is a real time chat system using node.js and sockets. It uses less resources and doesn’t rely on long polling or interval scripts to check for new message. Babble is fully featured with those features laid out below. Sale price is currently $75 sale ends on 6/23/2016 after that date they price goes to $115 for the IPS MarketPlace.

Demo: (you will need to register or logged in to be able to see or use).

If you would like private demo of Babble, you can send me a PM here or on my site.


A modern browser that supports web sockets. (Firefox/IE11/Edge/Chrome/Safari supports websockets. For mobile browsers, I will only be supporting Safari and Chrome).

Node.js installed on a local or a remote server that can run a node.js script. I have only tested the last 4 versions of node.js, but the latest version of node.js you can install, the better. I will attempt to compile a node.js versions that are compatible with Babble.

The php side of babble should work on php 5.5-7  (IPS 4 doesn’t official support php 7  due to incompatibilities with htmlpurifier has with php 7).

Notes: babble requires node.js. This is an unconditional requirement. So many of the features of babble are node.js dependent, that there isn’t any fallback to another web technology (like ajax/long polling). With that in mind, Babble is very javascript dependent, it will not degrade gracefully if javascript has been disabled in the browser,if you have any tin foil hat wearing members, they will not be able to use babble.


*If you have SSL(HTTPS) on your server, you must be able to create a "reverse proxy"  in nginx/apache to be able to use babble.
**if you are running a server that doesn't use a LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) or LEMP (Linux, NGINX, MySQL, PHP) server, I will not be able to give support for. AFAIK node.js/ will run on windows and mac os x, but configuration might prove difficult. As for *BSD servers, they should operate similar to a Linux server.

Each purchase only entitles a installation on 1 live site and 1 dev site. If you wish to run babble on multiple sites, you will need to purchase babble for each site. If you are found in violation of this agreement, I can choose to revoke your access to future updates and support until the matter is rectified.

If you purchase a copyright removal, Babble will occasional make a call home to to validate the copyright removal key. Copyright Removal keys will need to be purchased for each purchase of babble if you wish to run it on multiple sites without branding.




Commands can perform special functions when issued. The commands can be issued thru the chat area (similar to how IRC does it).  Some commands have group restrictions.  You can add commands in 2 ways, in the ACP you can add basic commands , if you need more advanced functionality you can create a “command” file.

Command list:

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