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IPBWI4WP: User Import

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How does user import exactly work?

This WordPress plugin will read the user data from you IPS installation and import these users to WordPress. This will even work with different servers or IPS hosted communities. You'll be able to map IP.Board user groups to WordPress roles to set them correctly upon import.

Import will be performed automatically on chunks á 25 members - there is no member limit. If you decide to continue the import later or your browser or computer crashes, you don't need to start from the beginning - the import tool remembers current state and allows you to continue from there.

support for WordPress Multi Site

Add users to current site of your WP network or to all of them. If you may create new multi sites in future after initial user import, just re-run this script to add all users from IPS to all new sites.


Installation / Configuration

Attention: this is an addon for

and will not work if you are not using latest version of IPBWI for WordPress v4.


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