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With this Plugin you can add following to the AuthorInfo Area (at side of posts):

1) Change Color of the Author's Name

2) Have a background color (use a solid or gradient color) for the AuthorInfo Area

3) Choose Online/Offline background and text color

4) Choose a border color, radius, style and width for Online/Offline

5) Select which of the 5 statistic options (Posts, Member No, Join Date, Last Visit, Viewing) you want to show or hide

6) Choose text color of the statistic options

7) Choose color of the 'dotted' border above the'Viewing' statistic

8) Added icons to AuthorInfo Area for quick links to PM, find content etc

9) This should not alter any settings/colors already defined for the above areas if made in custom.css

Terms & Conditions

I cannot guarantee that other mods/plugins will affect mine or if mine will affect others (hopefully not), if they do then I can try to find and fix cause if am notified but no promises given that can resolve any issues.

You are only allowed to use this on ONE FORUM ONLY

You are not allowed to resell, give freely or claim your own work

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pon, 04 lipiec 2016