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Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Sink

All the things you want changed or restored in one single plugin! Everything including as they say...

There are many small things with the IPS suite that need to be customize-able or restored from the 3x series. I could write a bajillion single-use plugins or I can put some effort into it, pile them all into one plugin, and make a few bucks for the work (and she is wrapping up her second cancer in three years so yes, money good...)

So this includes...?




Forums and Topics:

First posts:

Post view:

IPS Upgrades:

(The pulse is sped up for the gif. It's slower on normal upgrades; security upgrades will pulse faster but not this fast (and they pulse red!)

I've probably forgotten some stuff. And there is more to come too!


Can I ask for something to be changed or included?
Yes, absolutely! That's kind of the whole point of this. There are some basic rules though. If I think it is too involved, or I think that once I start it that it would be better off as it's own plugin I'll pass. Just ask in the support topic and we'll go from there. I decide in the end, you may or may not like my decisions...

What if IPS changes something and...
If they add something into the suite that I fixed/added here then it will probably be removed from Kitchen Sink. No need to duplicate functionality. If something in this plugin breaks due to a change in the IPS Suite I'll of course try to fix it if it is fixable. Or I might remove it until it can be fixed; I expect things to change over the years - you should too.

Seems to be forums heavy...
Yep. I can only target what I'm most familiar with. If you need something with the other applications speak up! The focus of this plugin is on the Core, Calendar, and Forums. I can fold in some stuff from the other apps if they are small things but otherwise I've got something else in the works for Gallery, Commerce, and Downloads (yes, another all in one...probably).

Anything on the ACP side?
No but... Spacious ACP! Get that! Especially since I'm due to rewrite it and it will include a Kitchen Sink-like plugin to tackle any ACP things that need to be done!

This <feature> isn't working on my site!
If you have custom.css that conflicts, or your custom theme has moved elements around, and so on, there is not a lot I can do. I can give you some help in the support topic but the further you (or theme authors) move away from the default IPS structure the harder it will be for plugins to work. Most of Kitchen Sink should work for everyone. I do not support modified themes but I'll lend a hand as I can time permitting. This plugin is FULLY tested on a fresh installation of the IPS suite with no other plugins loaded and no custom.css. 

What's next?
If I don't release Kitchen Sink now I would never release it as I would always be waiting to add "just one more thing..." But yes, there is stuff already marked for inclusion. I recently took over a ton of Adriano's free work. Most (all?) will remain free but updates and new features are likely to be folded into here or the revised Spacious ACP.



$10 to buy, $5 every six months. That's $8.50 and $4 to me after IPS fees. Regular renewals keep me perky enough to want to support this wonderful monster. Your renewals get you support, bug fixes, and new features too! You don't have to renew of course but if you lapse too long I might make you just buy it outright again.


One buy, one site. Feel free to use on your test site if you have one of course. If you lapse on renewals so long that I tell you to buy it again that does NOT mean you now have licenses to two separate copies.

Thank You!


wto, 05 lipiec 2016