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Enhanced AdBlock Blocker

wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML

With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock browser plugin that blocks your website ads.

It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker....

This plugin comes with these features:

1- Select user groups that will be blocked if the enabled AdBlocker.

2- Choose if you need to cover website page by overlay black page and adjust its opacity + FadeIn time.

3- Choose if you need to disable the vertical navigation scroll bar.

4- Message Header Text.

5- Message Body Text (Full CKE).

6- Button Text.

The block message will only disappear if the user disabled AdBlocker in his browser.


This's a very basic initial release, and it's planned to add more features according to your suggestions...

wto, 23 sierpień 2016