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I was bored and was browsing around and saw a list of "new features" in a competing software to IPS and was like "now IPS should have this".

if the USER has the "default" user avatar, the "egg person" not sure what else to call it, this plugin will take the first character of their username and create a color code out of it (they are not unique to the user, its not that advance) and create a "text based" avatar for the account. 

should work with a majority of places as long as they are using the IPS templates: userPhoto and uaserPhotoFromData.

the css is pretty straight forward, and follows a similar path to what ipsPhoto does (related to sizing and positioning). should work just like if there was an avatar image. 

the colors for the backgrounds are auto generated, if you want to override the colors, you can do this:

take the first character of the username, uppercase it, as name2color Avatar will uppercase it. for our example we will use "bob". in your customs.css add this:

.toColorNameClass_B {
    background-color: orange !important; //you can use any hex/rgb you want here

this will make any B name2color avatar's this color.


feel free to use however want or add it to any project you'd like. 

pią, 25 listopad 2016