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Cool Forum Badges pack with RANKS!

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Hello everyone. :thumbsup:
Back to base for a while and i'm here with some new Group badges (team icons) for your IPS Community.

Some info:

Small progress bar & Big progress bar.
The only difference between the 2 styles is the progress bar. 
One .png version with some green outer glow on the bottom of the progress bar and one JPG withour outer glow on the bottom as you can see bellow.
dCajm3Q.jpg rV0bfJW.jpg

Topic preview:
I have to say that fits great with square forum avatars (Size 180px)
T57cg3i.jpg  wlz3wEa.jpg

You like the Profile / topic view?
Find it here:

What you get: 
Different .psd file for each group badge so you will not get confused with all in one .psd file + the font that i used.

.PSD with big progress bar:

.PSD with small progress bar:

For everything feel free to send message here. :lol:

śro, 12 kwiecień 2017