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Hide content with conditions

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When you purchase a plugin, you agree to our license agreement, this is to prevent illegal use of the plugin. The plugin can be used only on one URL-address. After purchase, you must register account on our community and specify the licensed URL of your community. Please, if you are not ready to follow our agreement do not buy this plugin.

The plugin allows users to hide content by adding some conditions. The content will be available to users who suitable for the requirements. Thus, you are stimulating users of your site to publish high-quality, discussed content. You can specify both a range of users, such as active forum users by reputation or message, or use content blocks that are tailored for a specific user.


Users can use the following conditions


The plugin has the following settings

  1. Hidden block header. You can specify your own block header with hidden content, for example "Secret".
  2. Default condition. Here you can list the conditions that will be used if the user does not specify any conditions.
  3. How define the number? You can choose how the plugin will process numeric values. There are three options to choose from - member id, number of posts, number of reputation.
  4. Time elapsed since registration. Setting for specifying how long ago a user registered to hide content.
  5. Time units. You can choose how the number of time intervals will be processed width setting #4 and condition t=100 - hours, days, months.
  6. Hiding mode. The way to display a closed "hidden block" - block with conditions or nothing.
  7. Groups. Which groups can hide content.
  8. Minimum number of content. Specify the minimum amount of content a user should have to hide the content.
  9. Maximum of hidden blocks. The maximum number of "hidden blocks" in one message.


You can specify several conditions by combining them, separated by commas. For example: p = 20, r = 10. In our example, the content in the block will be available to users with at least 20 messages and 10 reputation points.
You can allow users to hide content for specific groups of users.
A hidden content block is always visible to the author of the message.


Для русскоговорящих пользователей (For Russian speaking users)

Чтобы получить полностью русифицированную версию плагина, пожалуйста, напишите нам на почту support@invisionbyte.ru. Подробное описание работы плагина и его установка.

wto, 18 kwiecień 2017