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Hide Empty Reviews

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This is a simple plugin which does just what the title says: it hides "empty" reviews.

When upgrading your community from 3.4.x, you are able to convert "ratings" to "reviews" in the new system. However, these converted ratings all end up being displayed as reviews with no associated text, which is unsightly and generates pointless clutter.

This plugin allows you to keep ratings from the old system and simply hides them from view the reviews tab. This means old ratings will still count towards an items overall rating, but the review page won't be cluttered with those empty reviews.

Members will still see their own review, regardless; this way a member who previously rated a file in the old system can still edit their review and add content to it after you upgrade.

If you found this useful, be sure to check out my other marketplace submissions as well! Tips are also super appreciated!

śro, 24 maj 2017