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Post Areas brings forum stats to the profile!  Post Areas is an exciting new application by @fosters for you to track, measure, analyze, and cyberstalk your activity in the forums - or the activity of anyone else in the community!  

The application is designed to allow you to find out the most popular boards in which a user posts.  The app lists the number of topics and posts you've made in each board in an easy-to-read table format.  The table links to the individual forums for easy access.  And all of this is available from a new tab in your Profile.  

Buy the app now to start tracking your post areas!  


Here are advanced scenarios where Post Areas can help your community:

User Activity - Are you interested in the activities of a popular user, and want to find out when and where he spends most of his time?  You can use Post Areas to track where he makes the most topics and posts so you immediately follow.  

Community Moderation - Did you recently promote a new moderator, but you're not sure if he's effectively spending the right amount of time greeting new members or moderating topics in a special forum?  You can use Post Areas to see if the new moderator is spending enough activity in select forums, or if his attention is directed elsewhere.  

New Boards - Make a new board recently and want to test if your users are attracted to it?  Browse the profiles of your most trusted and active users, and measure their individual activity.   


Here are all the features of Post Areas:


None.  This app is designed to be a simple plug-and-play, and will become immediately active as soon as it is installed.  


Basic instructions on how to install:

  1. Go to ACP > Systems > Application
  2. Click on "Install" button
  3. Choose the .TAR file 
  4. Click "Install" 


Project Tracker - Priority support will be given to bugs and suggestions posted in the Project Tracker located on the Fosters website.

support Topic - Regular support as time is available will be given to the IPS support topic located here: <<link>>


This app is inspired by XenForo's Post Areas, and commissioned by user who generously underwrote the initial release and funding for the app.  If you'd like to further support the app or the developer, please visit our website and see how you can request your own custom project.  If you enjoyed this app and want to give us a thumbs-up, be sure to write us a 5-star review below so other users can benefit from the app!  

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