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Lake is clean and beautiful w/ a touch of Gossamer.

*NEW* Framework

You don’t just get a simple theme, you’ll get settings that will change the default framework into your own. It’s your website, make it yours!

*NEW* Secondary Footer: Twitter Integration

Introducing Twitter integration! In the configuration settings, you'll be able to enable/disable, modify the Twitter footer title, and of course, input your user profile name.

*NEW* Social Icons

In our new framework, we introduce you with new social icons: Instagram, Dribbble, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

*NEW* Back to Top

Also in our framework, when you scroll down, you'll see the back to top button so you don't have to scroll yourself.

Google Font

Choose your own font to be display everywhere on your forum.

Google Font Weight(s)

Put more styles into the new font you chose.

Width Container

Change the width to your own liking.

Override Site Title

Spice up your site title by putting in the title you want to be display on the header.

*NEW* Subheader Links

On the subheader, you'll get to modify the links and add as many links as you like through the Lake configuration.

Header Background Image/Color

You'll get to choose either a background image (by default) or background color to make things simple for you.

Enable/Disable Header Title

You can disable/enable the header title, which will be turned on by default.

Enable Secondary Footer

Need more storage for the footer? Don’t worry, we created another footer so you can Store more stuff or anything that you want inside.

Secondary Footer: About Us

Also on the secondary footer, we made an about us section so you can describe your site and your users interests.


You will get setting(s) of changing the default colors to your own liking.

And much more!

Test Account

Wanna look more into our themes? Well, now ThemeTree supports a test account for all of our themes. So no more looking at those screenshots or even looking at our themes live. Login to the test account and browse the contents.

Display Name: TestAccount123

Password: testyaccount123

Theme Demo

Go here to read about previewing themes on ThemeTree.

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