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This product will require a license key. After purchase please register at my site ( and send me a PM there, I will generate you the license key for you. if you would like to avoid the wait, you could always purchhase directly from my site:

there are 3 packages to choose from there and using the coupon code "Babble Bonanza" to save $25 off the initial purchase price (each subscription comes automatically with the service time listed). 

if you buy from here, it will be for a 6 month period. After install and activation of a license key it could take up to 2 hours before it fully active on the system.

Babble is a real time chat system using node.js and sockets. It uses less resources and doesn’t rely on long polling or interval scripts to check for new message. Babble is fully featured with those features laid out below. The application will come with the first 6 months of service.


A modern browser that supports web sockets. (Firefox/IE11/Edge/Chrome/Safari supports websockets. For mobile browsers, I will only be supporting Safari and Chrome). Babble and the chat service will require a purchase per site and a bi-yearly renewal agreement.




Commands can perform special functions when issued. The commands can be issued thru the chat area (similar to how IRC does it).  Some commands have group restrictions.  You can add commands in 2 ways, in the ACP you can add basic commands , if you need more advanced functionality you can create a “command” file. Commands have been expanded greatly in 2.1, you can now "alias" them and the phrase/count bot can now use commands (the time bot can as well, but it wont have access to the #member# special variable).

Command list:

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