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Attachment Download Limits

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Attachment Download Limits

For communities making heavy use of forum attachments, bandwidth costs can quickly become an issue. With IP.Downloads, you are able to restrict how many downloads members can make in a set time period to alleviate this. However, with forum attachments, no such feature exists.

That's where this application comes in. Attachment Download Limits is an application that enables you to easily restrict how many attachment downloads set member groups can make per day, just as you can with IP.Downloads file submissions!

Main Features

✔ Group Restrictions

Download limits can be configured on a per-group basis, so different groups can have different (or no) download limits.

✔ Custom Error Messages

Particularly useful for communities that make use of a premium membership system; this way you can easily provide an upgrade link to members that exceed their download limits.

✔ Customizable Templates

For more advanced users, the error pages are templated so you can edit and customize it however you like!

✔ IP Address Logging

Review the number of attachment downloads for members and individual IP addresses in the ModCP and AdminCP IP address tools.

✔ Guest support

Guest downloads can also be restricted! For guests, the downloads are simply limited by the users IP address.

czw, 05 październik 2017