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Members Shop

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This application will add a members shop where they can earn and spend points gained from this app or you can intregrate this app to run along with Points by Anatik




  • Points System
    • Forums
      • Select points awarded to a topic starter
      • Select points awarded to the member who replies to a topic
      • Select points awarded to the topic starter for each reply
      • These can all be set on a category basic
    • Downloads
      • Select points awarded to the uploader
      • Select points awarded to the uploader for each download their file gets
      • These can all be set on a category basic
  • Members Shop
    • Allow your members to spend their well earned points in the shop
      • Adds a random post count
      • Adds a random reputation count
      • Change their username at any given time
      • Change their member title
      • Add a signature
      • Steal reputation from another member
        • Will also send a notification to both users saying that they stole X amount of reputation
      • Gamble their points
      • Reset their warning points
      • View a password from a password protected forum
    • All random amounts can be set by the admin in the shop items menu from the minimum amount to the maximum amount
    • Set the price of all the items
  • Rewards & Logs
    • View all the rewards and logs of the redeemed items in a nice members table
  • Settings
    • Choose what points system you want to use from this apps own points or if you have installed Points by Anatik then you can select to use evox_points instead
    • Choose what user groups can gain points with-in the forums and downloads applications
    • Choose what user groups can send items to other members


How to install & setup the shop items

  1. Download the .tar file and go to your ACP and applications then install the downloaded .tar file
  2. Go to the members shop menu and items then click the re-sync shop items to database to pull in all the shop items ( you only have to do this once on install or if you delete any items from the database by mistake )

pon, 27 listopad 2017