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Post sorting in topics

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This plugin will add a new setting on each topic to sort posts within that topic in reverse chronological order. i.e. the latest posts will be displayed on top as well as the default way. You can switch between the 2 options. This may come in handy when the most recent posts matter more to users so they can find them nice and easy. 

Only members with permissions will be able to use this feature and you can select also in which forums to use it. To select the groups and forums, click the Edit button of the newly installed plugin and you will be taken to the plugin 's Settings page where the groups and forums options are listed.


To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file.

Filtering Topics:

A new option to filter the topics based on reverse chronological order of posts will be added to the topic list. 

śro, 20 grudzień 2017