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Proxy Registration Notification and Proxy Logs

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This application will log and Store all registrations and logins to your forum from users using proxy servers. All users registering through suspected proxy servers can be set to be manually approved. 

The logs can be pruned based on a number of days criteria.

At the logs page, you can search for members to see if they have either registered at your forum or logged in using a suspected proxy server. You can also search for proxy IPS, between a certain time frame and as last but certainly not least, you can search for users using proxies by way of registration or log in.

Your staff can be notified any time when an user has been registered through suspected proxy servers by way of an automated topic that can be posted at your forum. 

This app can come in handy when users that have been banned from your forum can use a proxy server to come back to your forum.

pią, 19 styczeń 2018