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(MIX) Advanced Forum Geolocation

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The plugin allows you to display advanced geolocation of members in forum topics (not in comments). In addition to the standard built-in IPS geolocation, several popular third-party geolocation services are supported, such as ip-api.com, ipstack.com (ex. freegeoip.net), geoip.nekudo.com, sypexgeo.net. This first allows you to use geolocation mapping with an inactive license, second, for example, it extends the geolocation settings in part of the locale display language.
Additional options allow you to change the display of geolocation, in the form of an caption or a flag, or both versions together, as well as the standard geolocation is hidden in the mobile version, this plugin has the option to display the flag of the members country in the mobile version.
You can also configure which groups can see the geolocation, and for which groups geolocation will not be determined.
Supports work with versions IPS 4.2.x and 4.3

czw, 12 kwiecień 2018