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Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package

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Turn Spirit into Pre-Made Blocks System

Are you tired of messing with code inside your block editor for Spirit? There's a solution to this. It's called "Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package". This package will enhance your homepage by getting some components from Bootstrap and custom ones from ThemeTree.

It's fast from not hassling with code and simple to configure!

Here's the lists of pre-made components:

Wow, that's 8 pre-made components!

What is Spirit?

Spirit -a custom landing page template built with CMS (Pages) and runs on Bootstrap & IPS framework to make your homepage look beautiful.


Live Demo

We've replaced the custom blocks from the demo board into the blocks package. Go here to see it live.

Setting It Up

Go here to read the article on setting up the components that you want for your community homepage.

Image Credit

The thumbnail blocks image goes to Tahsin Tahil. No changes have been made.

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