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wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML

Create a good, high quality and professional message Using

Message Pro Widget


IPS.jpg.bcd6985adb8a0373599b66d63dc0b7d8.jpg" data-fileid="119001" rel="">IPS.thumb.jpg.b783de2d30f3d06a04b71d3f6163e826.jpg" alt="MESSAGE-WIDGET-IPS.thumb.jpg.b783de2d30f3d06a04b71d3f6163e826.jpg" />

The settings that this plugin gives website administrators:

* Title Widget

* Message (Textarea)

* Fontawesome Icon

* Background Color

* Text Color

With this plugin you can create infinite professional messages for your users

thanks( @Daniel F and @newbie LAC) For Help Me

pią, 20 kwiecień 2018