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Comics allows your members to upload .cbz comic book files to view and or share them on your board with other members, You can navigate through the comic pages by either click the next or previous icons or you can simply drag your finger across the comic page ( if using a touch screen device ), you can also choose from 3 different sizes for the comic books what will either be small, medium or large pages.

Members will be able to react, rate, review & comment on each comic ( if they have the permissions you will set in the ACP ), Comics fully integrates with the IPS moderator permissions and content allowing your moderators to keep a eye on the uploads / reviews / comments and so on via the ModCP.


Comic Category Permissions

Comic Category Settings

Usergroup Permissions / Restrictions

ACP App Settings

Moderator Permissions ( If you are using the global moderator permissions for content then this app will use them too, other wise you can pick and choose them seperatly )



śro, 29 sierpień 2018