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Like Member System

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This application will add a like system for users in your forum. When an user like another user, the liked user will receive a notification.  Users likes will be displayed on their profiles, whereas their like count will be shown on thier cards and below their names in posts and topics. You can set a maximum daily limit of how many members a member can like.

You can restrict likings for members who have not been active or logged in for a certain period of time. You can also promote members by moving them automatically in primary/secondary groups after they have reached a certain amount of likes.

A widget to display the most liked members is also available. And all likes will be displayed in the Moderator CP.

A detailed overview of all options and features is shown below.


Restriction Criterias:

Action Criterias:


Moderator CP:


Moderator Logs:

wto, 11 wrzesień 2018