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Reputation Rank - League of Legends Ranks 2019

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Hello! If you have no idea how to set your reputation rank, i have a good suggestion. Use LoL ranks on your forum! To turn more easy the setup, i will share my rules and how i setup this.

Yours members needs 1000 reputation to early all reputation. This images you can take free inside this page, but we turn this job more easily for you. I hope like.



Ferro IV 1448459414_Ferro4.png.ad0e13096dbfaef8cf 10
Ferro III 144511296_Ferro3.png.ea1c2910eb5a8e5ca50 20
Ferro II 517558441_Ferro2.png.f3540034117f6c4fe53 30
Ferro I 770292962_Ferro1.png.71f12536a388a6c05ad 40
Bronze IV 1710450055_bronze4.png.92537aac4cce3f9e9 50
Bronze III 1023702781_bronze3.png.bd88d9ec2efde826c 60
Bronze III 369344711_bronze2.png.5d34a201ce2434cb69 80
Bronze I 687993382_bronze1.png.31ff5f22215b3297f0 90
Prata IV 1553264781_Prata4.png.7fcdad23361ac5577c 110
Prata III 694326185_Prata3.png.55d025d5b1558d0af9e 120
Prata II 1756647851_Prata2.png.76735d50ab6436f42d 130
Prata I 164214714_Prata1.png.c33d4ff12e8efaa2379 140
Ouro IV 1296658895_Ouro4.png.17929c9336fc16fa16a 160
Ouro III 323227928_Ouro3.png.e2583fc15846f4e6dd97 170
Ouro II 1665708190_Ouro2.png.9c8e4c72de0f59f00a6 180
Ouro I 1579582158_Ouro1.png.d69749d515426f16971 190
Platina IV 2038368830_Platina4.png.f7ccbcb9cd8972be 210
Platina III 951153293_Platina3.png.5c1f7e03ddc0ded61 220
Platina II 1445714690_Platina2.png.90efcd22ff3fe11d 230
Platina I 2060578631_Platina1.png.e34066c08e6337c0 240
Diamante IV 877986737_Diamante4.png.42cb27650da26cf1 260
Diamante III 1828613499_Diamante3.png.ccd0ebb2df4d5bc 270
Diamante II 413351481_Diamante2.png.3ae62ca03a4ac1f7 280
Diamante I 1466667574_Diamante1.png.cc49552d4c7e7c5 290
Mestre IV 155651648_Mestre4.png.71e5ff34218ebf8e1c 325
Mestre III 908199849_Mestre3.png.bd5df6759c5fce9efa 350
Mestre II 1017477309_Mestre2.png.ac70d6e13b10f46e9 375
Mestre I 1685538533_Mestre1.png.3e5bb2a531766c96f 4.0
Grão Mestre IV 691562934_GroMestre4.png.b6b7eb848e8b5cf 4.0
Grão Mestre III 1242387336_GroMestre3.png.1031421f38463c 500
Grão Mestre II 534943031_GroMestre2.png.df80f7c95855c3f 550
Grão Mestre I 2007761640_GroMestre1.png.a5ccd50b3f1e8b 600
Desafiante IV 969246031_Desafiante4.png.18a9d2f4e9d1b7 700
Desafiante III 174606622_Desafiante3.png.62d3ba87475072 800
Desafiante II 159659247_Desafiante2.png.fea48745286ab1 900
Desafiante I 611094838_Desafiante1.png.dbfdb96761b8fe 1000

pon, 04 luty 2019