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(NE) Add additional Social Profiles

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This plugin will allow you to add additional choices to the available 'Social Profiles' in System -> Settings -> General Configuration, as well as take advantage of the icons now available with Font Awesome 5.

Instructions for use:

  1. Edit plugin settings and go to the 'Add' tab
  2. Click 'Add' to add a new line and then adhere to the following when populating the information:
    • Font Awesome key: the key should match up to the Font Awesome icon you wish to display. If you add a key which doesn't exist in Font Awesome 4 or 5 then no icon will be displayed.
    • Display name: this should be the name you wish to display in the Social Profiles select box.
    • Use new FA5 icon: if you have enabled Font Awesome 5 support and wish to make use of an icon only available in that then enable this setting to begin using that icon. The icon will be displayed using the corresponding Font Awesome class instead of the 'fa' class.
    • Icon background color: Social Profiles provided by IPS, such as 'Facebook', have a correspoding CSS rule in the theme to display a background color. New items added here will not have a corresponding CSS rule, so will instead use an inline background color in the HTML code - use this field to choose the color you wish to use. (please refer to the plugin settings for a note on a known issue with this)
  3. Save the settings
  4. Navigate to System -> (Settings) -> General Configuration
  5. Add your new social profile information, and choose the newly added item

czw, 14 marzec 2019