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Radical Tags

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Radical Tags

Invision Power’s most comprehensive Tag Management system

Radical Tags is a modern tag and prefix management system for IPS 4.4, carrying over the features you know and love from the original Advanced Tags and Prefixes application by Ryan with many new additions and usability improvements.

Note that this is currently considered beta software, so you may experience some bugs and glitches here and there, but I will be actively working to patch these as soon as they are reported. During this applications beta period, you can currently purchase it for a discounted price of $28. Once the beta ends, the price will go back up to $40.


Radical Tags supports many features out of the box, with many more useful features coming in future releases.



Tag management

..and more!

Coming soon

As mentioned above, there’s still many more featured planned for this application that you can expect to see in future releases! Some of these planned additions include..

pią, 29 marzec 2019