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(GT) Report Post Message Required

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This simple plugin helps your Staff get things done FASTER. There's no more guessing. When a Report comes in they now know why it's being reported.  
This plugin requires your users to leave a message whenever submitting a REPORT. 
For those not aware - IPS doesn't require a message when reporting content. Personally, I think this is a crazy move. They gave us the option to create Report Types but not require a message. 😕
Getting members to report content is a great feature to have. But... it becomes problematic when the reason for reporting is not clear. 
As you can imagine Big Board sites get many Reports. Many are confusing - it's a big waste of time for Staff when no explanation (message) is available. 
(I personally know this because I'm on the receiving end when something doesn't work right.)
Staff get things done FASTER.
Staff are happy.
Staff can focus on other important things.
To install...
  1. Download the file 
  2. Go to Admincp > Site Features (Plugins)
  3. [Click Install New Plugin]

More FREE  apps/plugins coming...

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pią, 19 kwiecień 2019