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IBMafia iSafe Links System

Prevent your links from being StolenAdvertise your Google Ads or any type of ads while members downloading your files.Enable / disable script from acpGroup Perms :Can View systemCan Admin system ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009

IBMafia iAuction System (eBay Clone) for IPB

DescriptionComplete Auction System for (e-Bay Clone) Invision Power BoardFeatures eBay Clone That can use either Real Money (PayPal) or Points system6 Points System integration * Calyp ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009

IBMafia iBulletins

DescriptionComplete Member Bulletins System for IPB 2.3 & 2.2 FeaturesFull Component to IP.Boards +(Location , User CP)Each member can add unlimited amount of Pages/Buleltins.Admins Choose to A ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009

Calendar Topics v1.0.0

Name: Calendar Topics v1.0.0Description: Minimal edit component that allows you to set which calendars you want to have discussion topics created when new events are added into them.View More Info: ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009

Garage System v2.0.0

Name: Moderator Action Alert v1.2.0Description: Streamline the moderation process with the use of automatic alerts for when moderators/admins perform moderation actions. Including support for the ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009

Auto Anniversary Greeter v1.0.0

Name: Garage System v2.0.0Demo: Example Garage SystemVideo Demo: ...

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009
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