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Legacy upgrader SQL error (1)

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v1.3.0 to v3.3.0A6

During the upgrade, an SQL error is shown although I am able to continue past it:


Error: ALTER TABLE ibf_forums CHANGE last_title last_title varchar(250) NOT NULL default '';

Data truncated for column 'last_title' at row 14

Page link if relevant > /_QA/13up/admin/upgrade/index.php?app=upgrade&s=***&st=0§ion=upgrade&do=sql

I do recall this happening before, or something almost the same, here is a link to the older bug report > http://community.inv...integer-values/ , item (2) on that. I remember we spent a bit of time with the test db although what the solution was I'm not sure. It was fixed at that time though.

czw, 02 luty 2012