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keyword rich urls

Hi Is there a way to have the forum post page showing the keywords from the post headline? Thanks Lee ...

wto, 01 czerwiec 2010

Ranked high for a keyword, but to a thread you don't like?

Well, I've been noticing that stupid threads my members are making are getting ranked better than the ones that are more informational or even topics are being ranked higher than the same keyword sections/forums. So, what I've been doing lately is 301 re ...

śro, 24 marzec 2010

SEO Questions

1. Multiple indexes for the board. vBSEO had a nice option to make all of them forward to what you wanted. Right now I have /forums/, /forums/index, /forums/index.php, /forums/index.php?, and I believe there may be a few others like index.php/index or s ...

nie, 14 marzec 2010

vBSEO features that are missed

There are some things that I miss with vBSEO that I was wondering if we can hard code them into our templates/files. I know I'm not very smart with this stuff so I hope someone is up to the challenge. 1. Relevant replacements - I think these ...

śro, 10 marzec 2010

Social Media Outlets to market your site on

Are you using social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Redit, Technorati, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the countless others to market and grow your site to your select niche? If you are, how is each one performing, and do you track how we ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Need ideas for bringing members to video game forum

I need advice on getting more members to my video game reviews and discussion forum. Right now, I have the RSS feed for my forum going to Twitter every 12 hours, and going to my Facebook. I also do post exchanges. I'm thinking about holding a gaming marat ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009

Remove No Permission Buttons From SE Bots

Removing the "no permission" buttons from the top of the pages will increase what is displayed in your SERP's. This also helps the search engines get to your content faster, and by having less code to read before the actual start of your threads/posts. Re ...

śro, 30 wrzesień 2009