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IPB Versions

Version 1.3 The latest version is free Invision Power Board 1.3.1, which is not as widespread as 1.3 because of the short time available before the 2.0 was replaced. Since then, many known exp ...

śro, 14 październik 2009

History of IPS

Invision Power Services (IPS) was created by Matt Mecham and Charles Warner in 2002, after leaving Jarvis Entertainment Group (which produced Ikonboard). Their first product was IPB, another forum package, which quickly brings together a community of form ...

śro, 14 październik 2009

Invision Power Services

Invision Power Services is the best  provider of community solutions like forums.  Some of the largest companies in the world have chosen the IPS software to power their online communities, and thousands of small ...

śro, 14 październik 2009