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Kicks aren't getting harder to find.

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We're seeing a fairish number of 'mystery kicks' in chat. Where, a user just randomly gets kicked from chat.

I did a little testing with Ryan on this in our chat, basically, I went in, and unplugged my ethernet cable.. I had NO clue that I wasn't connected to the internet based on what IP.Chat returned, other than the fact that noone was replying to what I was typing (and, of course, the fact that I did remember that I reached down and unplugged my ethernet cable)

We tested a couple of times.. It seems that 3 minutes is about the mark? If you disconnect your ethernet cable (Or otherwise lose internet connection) for more than 3 minutes, when it comes back up, it shows "You have been kicked from chat", which.. Makes it SOUND like someone intentionally booted you.

From your end, the only way you know you've been kicked is if noone is replying to you, or you're trying to browse elsewhere. It seems like maybe if we put a check on the client side, where once a minute, it basically sees if it's still in connection with the chat room, OR did it every time that you sent a message, and if it failed, it just popped up a message "You are offline" or something. It might help with some of these, because, people if they're in chat exclusively, the only way they know they're not connected is if people don't reply, and if they're idling in chat, they may never know, UNTIL internet is restored, and it comes back up and shows them as kicked.

Any way that some kind of check there can be run to tell if someone has lost connection to the site/chat/whatever? Or, even change the message that happens in the above case where, rather than saying you were kicked, which is the same as if you were booted by an admin, that it comes back and says "You lost connection to chat" or something like that?

śro, 04 kwiecień 2012