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(PIN) Awards for IP.Board 3.x.x

I made these awards to go with the (PIN) Awards Management System. I made this in photoshop and it includes the .PSD file, so you can edit it to your liking, and five premade .png files: "ViP", "Premium", "Helping Hand", "Tuto ...

wto, 30 listopad 2010

Trial file

This is a trial file ...

nie, 01 sierpień 2010


We are proud to announce the release of our second FREE ...

nie, 01 sierpień 2010

Pure Revamped 3.1 Skin

Pure Revamped by cheesysalsa. To purchase this skin immediately please click here: http://runestyle.com/buynowlink.html Previe ...

nie, 01 sierpień 2010

Cethin for IPB 3

Yea it's an IPB 3 skin, but there isn't a section to submit them in, so I thought I'd just put it here (if a section for 3.0 skins is made please move this <img src="http://www.ipbcustomize ...

wto, 17 listopad 2009


Well this is a custom skin I made for a project I was planning to start two months ago, and frankly I don't have for it. Just yesterday I remembered I had this skin saved on my laptop and thought I should release it for free seeing as I pretty much ...

wto, 17 listopad 2009