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wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML

Well this is a custom skin I made for a project I was planning to start two months ago, and frankly I don't have for it.
Just yesterday I remembered I had this skin saved on my laptop and thought I should release it for free seeing as I pretty much have no use for it.

Just note that the skin is being released as is, what I mean is that the header links were originally done for my site and if you want to change where they go you'll have to know where to do so in the ACP (right now they all go to the board index).There may also be some slight inconsistencies with the looks of the skin as I never fully finished it when I scrapped my project (it's 95% done, there were just a few more things I wanted to put in but never got to).

With all that being said enjoy! :)

wto, 17 listopad 2009