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Altering the text above code boxes.

wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML

Hi, i am using IPB forums v2.3.6 and im having a bit of a mental breakdown lol trying to find a certain file which lets me change a piece of text.

The problem im having is quite simple to explain but im lost wen it comes to doing it.

All i want to do is to be able to change the text above all code boxes which says CODE, so that i can add my own title which will be displayed above all code boxes which are wrapped in the code tags.

See the example below, the black capital text that says CODE above the codebox, this is all i want to change but cannot figure out how.


If you know the area i can go to to change this or which file i would be so gratefull.

nie, 14 czerwiec 2009